Ivoclar Vivadent



Overzicht van het cursusaanbod voor tandartsen in Nederland/Benelux.

Lunch & Learn Tetric Evo-Line, gecombineerd met aanvullende producten voor efficiënte en gegarandeerde workflow in uw tandartspraktijk!

Deze Lunch & Learn wordt u aangeboden, in uw eigen tandartspraktijk! Naast een audiovisuele - en vervolgens een inleidende presentatie over de producten en kenmerken van Ivoclar Vivadent vulmaterialen, krijgt u ook alle informatie over aanvullende producten voor een efficiënte en gegarandeerde workflow in uw praktijk, die verder wordt verduidelijkt en toegelicht met een hands-on.

Advanced course Direct Resin Artistry: Simple, Predictable & Easy

Unravelling the ABC concepts such as shade selection and micro and macro-anatomy and pull them together with a simple step by step protocol which includes treatment planning, diagnostics, preparation, composite placement and finishing, allowing the practitioner to achieve outstanding results on a consistent basis...time and time again.

Introduction to IPS Empress Direct, Tetric Evoceram- EvoFlow Bulk Fill

This course is designed to provide comprehensive information and hands-on training, focusing on how to achieve optimum results using the highly regarded IPS Empress Direct composites, Tetric EvoCeram Bulk FIll or Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill in various composites restorations placed in the esthetic zone or oral cavity.

CAM/CAM - The Multi-Disciplinary Aeshetics

A one-day course that is designed to encourage dentists to take the next step forward in their CEREC experience. Our trainers will provide an understanding of the process involved to achieve beautiful anterior aesthetics with IPS e.max CAD, IPS Empress Direct and CEREC.

Prep Design

This course is specifically designed for clinical dental professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills required to work with a leading manufacturer in the area of preparation design and accurate reproduction techniques.

Shades & Stains

This course aims to provide the participants wit a systematic and coordinated approach to successfully providing high aesthetic solutions chairside.

Cementation - Abutment Solutions

This course is designed specifically for dental professionals wishing to augment their knowledge and develop skills required to successfully fix indirect restorations.

Chairside Abutment Solutions - Telio CAD & IPS e.max CAD

CAD/CAM is one of the fastest growing sectors within the dental profession. Clinicians with ''in office'' CAD/CAM Systems are offering chairside all0ceramics to the patient within the appointment. This course aims to provide the participants with a systematic and coordinated approach to successfully providing high aesthetic solutions chairside.