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A one day program that is designed to encourage dentists to take the next step forward in their CEREC experience. Our Cerec trainers will provide an understanding of the process involved to achieve beautiful anterior aesthetics with IPS e.max CAD, Empress Direct and CEREC. The clinical steps are detailed through to refining parameters on the CEREC acquisition unit, to produce the most accurate all ceramic restorations. Post milling the finishing of the ceramic is detailed to include surface texture, staining and glazing. 

Cerec trainers

Clinical dental professionals

Basic to Advanced



Direct cementation technique using the Variolink Esthetic DC or LC kit to complement the all ceramic veneers.

  • Scan & design with the latest CEREC software version (shown on PPS only)
  • Anterior CEREC restorations created in IPS e.max CAD
  • Finishing of ceramics incorporating surface texture and staining and glazing.
  • Direct cementation technique using the Variolink Esthetic DC or LC kit to complement the all ceramic veneers. These restorations have been fabricated using updated CEREC Software
  • Offering a multidisciplinary case direct to patient in one visit.



  • Learn how to correctly treatment plan a CEREC smile
  • In detail – fail to plan, plan to fail
  • Learn how to prepare the ideal veneer and crown preparation – 5 step preparation technique
  • Understand CEREC parameters for anterior restorations
  • Design techniques available in CEREC software (on PPT only) – how to choose the correct one for a particular situation
  • Learn how to create single and multiple anterior restorations 
  • Understand the vast array of materials now available to dentists when restoring a beautiful smile
  • Incorporating direct composite bonding and milled all-ceramic restorations
  • How to nail the colour every time  Shade Selection Wheel
  • Post milling finishing techniques – the key to life like restorations
  • Cementation bonding techniques for anterior restorations – stop postoperative sensitivity and debonding CNS

Following this course you will be able to:

  • Maximize your CEREC machines outstanding capability
  • Treat anterior cases simply and effectively
  • Dramatically reduce your laboratory costs
  • Enrich your working life with a new sense of achievement

This course aims to maximize your CEREC machines capability in treating anterior cases simply and effectively.

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