Advanced Direct Resin Artistry: Simple, Predictable & Easy

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Direct composite resin restorations can produce functional, highly aesthetic, long lasting restorations, which are conservative of tooth structure. However, with the rise of aesthetic dentistry in the media, the public as consumers are becoming increasingly discerning: they demand and expect the best. This hands on program aims to present a simple, but predictable and reproducible approach to resin restorations in both the anterior and posterior dentition to allow the average practitioner to produce beautiful, aesthetic, lifelike restorations within a realistic timeframe in a busy general practice setting.

Arend van den Akker

Clinical dental professionals




  • How to assess the occlusal scheme pre-operatively and accurately build up your restoration so that little, if any, occlusal adjustment is necessary.   
  • Discussion of a simplified, stratification technique using external and internal tints and a novel placement technique to consistently achieve lifelike posterior direct resin restorations.
  • How to create realistic cusp form and buccal/palatal grooves.
  • Shade selection: The ABC of science and use it as a practical everyday tool.
  • Translucency, opacity and opalescence: why all composite resin is not created equal.
  • A simple, rapid, yet novel concept to make incisal edge shade and effects obvious and effortless.
  • How to quickly and inexpensively fabricate diagnostic mock-ups and palatal silicone indices to achieve precise incisal edge position. 
  • Preparation design and instrumentation to realize durable resin restorations, which have margins invisible to the human eye.
  • Simple, intuitive finishing protocols, which allow the operator to produce highly, polished restorations, which mimic natural enamel
  • How to layer resin to create lifelike incisal halos and effects such as crack lines and opacities.

Hands on Exercises:

  • The simple, single shade class1 (Tetric Evoceram Bulkfill)
  • The polychromatic class 1 (Empress Direct)
  • The Class 4 (Empress Direct)

Materials & instruments