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Colado CAD Ti2 & Colado CAD Ti5

Colado CAD Ti2 are pure titanium discs. They are suitable for the production of crowns and bridge frameworks for the  anterior and posterior region. Depending on the situation and the indication, you can use the light-curing laboratory composite SR Nexco to veneer the restorations. The CTE range of Colado CAD Ti2 is 9.6 x 10-6/K.

Colado CAD Ti5 are discs made from a titanium alloy. Use these discs to mill crowns, large-span bridges and implant-supported superstrucutres. The laboratory composite SR Nexco allows you to veneer restorations individually according to the patient’s requirements. The CTE range of Colado CAD Ti5 is 10.3 x 10-6/K.

Good compatibility
The corrosion-resistant material is biocompatible and has a low allergy potential.

High wearing comfort
The low specific material weight means it is comfortable for patients to wear.

Wide range of materials
Depending on the requirements, choose a disc made from alloy or pure titanium. Colado CAD offers both options.


Colado CAD Ti2

  • Fixed, multi-unit restorations, e.g. bridges

Colado CAD Ti5

  • Veneered crowns
  • Large bridges
  • Bridges with small cross-sections
  • Bars 
  • Implant-supported superstructures