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Design Software 3Shape Dental System

With the high-performance CAD software 3Shape Dental System the user receives an efficient design software for an intuitive workflow with a high level of user-friendliness. Thanks to the variety of different modelling tools, the design can be quickly adapted.


  • Impressive user experience
  • Open system
  • Wide range of indications
  • More flexibility

Add-on Solutions

These add-on solutions include a range of innovative software solutions. The add-ons, which have been exclusively developed for Ivoclar Digital, are based on the 3Shape software “Dental Designer”. The combination of basic software and add-ons enables dental professionals to completely digitalize conventional working steps using precise, state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology. This creates innovative solutions, from fixed to removable dentures, through the coordinated workflow.

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Digital Denture

The fast monolithic process

Digital Denture is a complete manufacturing process for the rapid digital production of removable full-arch dentures. This innovative process integrates the treatment steps in the dental practice with the digital manufacturing processes in the lab. Exclusive design software and ideally coordinated materials, combined with well-designed manufacturing strategies and the cutting-edge PrograMill milling equipment platform, provide predictable and reproducible results.


  • Exclusive tooth database from Ivoclar Vivadent
  • Functional sample set-up from Ivoclar Vivadent
  • Oversize production process using SR Vivodent CAD1 and SR Vivodent CAD Multi
1Patent pending
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Digital Denture Professional

Increase the quality of your digitally produced dentures with the premium option features of Digital Denture Professional. This enables you to achieve even more accurate results.


The premium option

  • Easy transfer of the correct occlusal plane using UTS CAD1
  • Time-saving design of the 3D Bite Plates according to the Gnathometer CAD  needle point registration 
  • Automated fabrication of the transfer template 1 for the reliable transfer of prefabricated teeth to the denture base

1Patent pending

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IPS e.max Digital Press Design - Press Multi

This software add-on is used for designing IPS e.max Press Multi restorations and the fully automatic positioning of vertical and horizontal press sprues on press objects. Due to the digital working steps, the fabrication of IPS e.max Press Multi restorations is even more economical. The wax patterns are milled from ProArt CAD Wax yellow. The software can also be used to individually control the colour transition of polychromatic IPS e.max Press Multi restorations.

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IPS e.max Digital Press Design - Wax Tree

The software add-on IPS e.max Digital Press Design - Wax Tree enables the computer-based connection of several single restorations onto a wax tree. This wax tree, developed specifically for the IPS e.max Press technique, is produced by PrograPrint 3D printing technology, invested and then pressed in the Programat press furnaces featuring FPF technology (Fully Automatic Press Function).