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Callisto CPG

Callisto CPG is a very economic cobalt-chrome-based ceramic alloy with palladium and gold content at a fixed price.

Callisto-CPG_Freisteller_0061magnifying glass


  • Minimized risk and improved calculability due to the fixed price strategy
  • Low material consumption due to very low density and thus low fabrication costs per unit
  • Excellent physical properties with high strength values, ideally suitable for the press technique
  • Wide range of indications from single restorations to long-span bridges
  • Compatible with the most popular veneering ceramics for the layering and press techniques as well as lab-composites


  • Onlays
  • ¾ crowns
  • Crowns
  • PFM crowns
  • Short- and long-span bridges
  • Telescopic- and conus crowns
  • Posts
  • Implant superstructures
  • Partial dentures
Diagramm_Callisto_CPGmagnifying glass

Au    <1.0
Pd    24.6
Co    39.9
Cr    21.3
Mo    11.6
W    1.2
Fe    <1.0
Ta    <1.0
B    <1.0
Al    <1.0

Technical data
Typ                                                5
Colour                                          white
Density (g/m3)                           9.3
Melting range (°C)                     1185-1275
Casting temperature (°C)        1345-1385
CTE 25-500°C                           14.2
CTE 20-600°C                           14.6
Elongation (%)                            7.0
Modulus of elasticity (MPa)       230.000
Vickers hardness                       338
0.2% proof stress (MPa)           660