All lab customers will be able to have their restorations made from materials of the Ivoclar Digital range, either by designing and manufacturing the restorations themselves or by designing them inhouse and then outsourcing the manufacturing task (requirement: open STL data). The product portfolio covers fixed, removable and implant prosthetics. The products and services of Service+ allow the level of investment and utilization of the CAD/CAM equipment to be ideally aligned with the requirements of the lab.


Reliable manufacturing services in the case of maintenance work

Investing in a PrograMill CAD / CAM system can improve the efficiency and profitability of your lab. Digital manufacturing jobs can be seamlessly transferred to a milling center if maintenance is required. The milling center wants to work on the digital production of the restorations on behalf of the lab until the PrograMill system is back up and running again.

SERVICE+ Production

More opportunities for using CAD/CAM

Service+ Production is designed for all dental labs that are already using their own scanning devices and design software programs. Labs using design software from3Shape, DWOS or Exocad will be able to take advantage of a comprehensive offering of materials and indications for fixed, removable and implant-supported prosthetics. Labs using their own CAD/CAM equipment will be able to enhance the economic efficiency of their own production facilities by having e.g. complex restorations manufactured with the help of Service+.

SERVICE+ Design & Production

Easy entry into digital dentistry

Service+ Design & Production provides dental labs easy access to the digital applications of Ivoclar Vivadent. Dental labs forward their models and/or wax-ups or scans (open STL data format) to the Service+ centre. The milling centre will then digitize all information, design the restoration and manufacture it using the specified materials. You will be able to benefit from the extensive experience of our CAD/CAM specialists, particularly when implant-supported or complex indirect restorations are involved.

Registration and order placement

Laboratory customers using their own 3Shape scanner install the 3Shape Inbox of Service+:

Laboratory customers using their own scanner and open STL output files register and place their orders in the Order Manager:

Service+ Production will be closed for the following holidays:
December 23, 2019 to January 1, 2020
Last delivery on: 20.12.2019
First delivery from: 07.01.2020