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Gerhard Smith:


We will realize the complete prostheses of a patient who will join us during the fitting and finishing so as to visualize our work directly in the mouth. The patient will give his opinion, live, and choose, among our prosthetic achievements, the one (s) he wishes to keep.

Ivoclar Vivadent BPS Trainer and Consultant

Dental Technicians / Lab Owner


Dental technician with average skill in full denture clinical technical


The demographic evolution, and the increase of the life expectancy, make us realize denture for edentulous patients, presenting alveolar ridges more and more resorbed. At the same time, we are witnessing a strong development of denture with implant retention. This leads us to see the treatment of total tooth lessness in a different way, and to design denture adapted to different clinical situations. This training will allow you to offer to the dentist or the patient a method that is both more precise, more rational and more rewarding.


Day 1 Morning

Theoretical presentation through a clinical case of the different stages of a complete denture elaboration
Practical work: Models setting in the articulator according to the average values (level of identification). Preparation of the bases plate / individualTrays.
The mounting of the Gnathometer

Day 1 Afternoon

The different occlusal concepts available and their indications.
Practical work: Realization of a bi maxillary set up using the 2D template (mounting sphere).

Day 2 Morning

Continuation of practical work:
Finishing of waxes and functional modeling surfaces Live Try Inn of the works in the patient mouth

Day 2 Afternoon

Theoretical presentation Muffling and polymerization of a prosthesis with the Ivobase injection system

Day 3 Morning

Practical work:
Control of occlusion in the articulator and primary equilibration
Finishing polishing of the denture.
Placement of the denture in the mouth with movements verification and contact points Marketing:
Presentation of the tools put at your disposal by the BPS system. How to take advantage of the benefits of the BPS. How to present the BPS to your customer.
How to invite him to guide his patient on the choice of a BPS prosthesis.
Graduation and final discussions


Products & materials 

 In order to optimize the rendering of your work, the complete range of product needed for this training will be at your disposal