Overzicht van het cursusaanbod voor de tandtechnici in Nederland/Benelux.

IPS e.max Ingot Selection & Press

The focus of this course is IPS e.max Press covering procedures for ingot selection and the correct methods used to produce accurate anatomical press frameworks.

IPS e.max Press Abutment Solution

This course focuses on the latest developments in IPS e.max Implant solutions together with the IPS e.max Press material. Tuition includes procedures and the correct methods to produce accurate anatomical press frameworks and how to easily produce lifelike results.

IPS e.max Press & Layering Zirconium Oxide

The focus of this course is IPS e.max ZirPress and Ceram the nano fluorapatite glass ceramic, two of the main components of the IPS e.max system. With this in mind this course is devoted to layering and pressing techniques in conjunction with a pre milled IPS e.max Zirconium oxide frameworks.

Make it your Style !

A full day introduction training with the new IPS Style! The customer will have the opportunity to use our complete range on metal frame work.

IPS e.max The Power Concept

Implement the new ceramics IPS e.max Ceram Power Dentin Power Incisal in your daily work.

Micro Layering with IPS e.max Press Multi

The assurance of a multilayer result in a reduced time.

360-degree vision IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime

Which Zircon to choose for which type of work?